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Do you remember our album with artworks and letters from Polish fans from last year? This year we’re making something, which might seem a bit familiar, but it’s actually a completely different idea!

Florence’s work and life have been inspired by many different artists. We decided to put all the pieces together and now there’s a special tab on our website called ‘Florence’s Inspirations‘ (Must See>Florence’s Inspirations). That’s where you can find many short articles about some of the books, poems, artworks and people that have influenced both Florence and her music.

In short: Your task is to get inspired by Florence’s inspirations and create something absolutely innovatory, but really close to Flo’s heart.

The title – ‘The Looking Glass’ comes from the ‘Rabbit Heart’ lyrics. We chose it, as looking glass is another term for mirror – we want this album to be a reflection of Florence, a reflection that includes all of those important to her things that shaped herself and her music.

In that way we’d like to create something really close to Flo’s heart, something that she’d consider important, a gift completely different from everything she’s got. Instead of giving her the same kind of artworks over and over again, we would like to give her an album that would express something more than just our appreciation – and what would be better than artworks that show all the things you love, made by people you love? We don’t want it to land in Evelyn’s loft, among all the other gifts Flo’s received over all these years, we want it to be something that Florence would put in her own apartment. Maybe she’d get inspired by your new interpretations of her old influences? We’re aware that it’s a pretty hard task to do, which might take a lot of your time and engagement but we believe, that together we can create something Flo has never got before – a thing that she’d appreciate in a much deeper way.

Lack of ideas? What about Florence a la Frida Kahlo or a drawing interpreting lyrics to ‘Hoist That Rag’? Or maybe an artwork showing Flo singing together with Fleetwood Mac on stage? Your imagination is the only limit! And it doesn’t have to relate only to Flo – the Machine is also welcome! Isabella stylized as Joanna D’Arc? Or Rob and Chris as the Great Gatsby and Nick Carraway! Why not? What’s more, you can use quotations from books, poems and songs that are mentioned in our ‘Florence’s inspirations’ tab.

Don’t limit yourselves to inspirations written by us – you can freely create something using motives that fascinate Flo – the ocean, werewolves, art-deco, baroque and renaissance style! You can also go to Florence’s book recommendations tab (Must see -> Flo’s book recommendations) and maybe you will find there something inspiring too!


  • Square dimensions – 21cm x 21cm (ust like last year – 21 cm is the width of vertical A4 sheet of paper)
  • Computer graphics – minimum 1000 px x 1000 px. All the artworks made on computer have to be printed in 21cm x 21cm format (preferably on a good quality photo-paper)
  • Handmade artworks – 21cm x 21cm. It doesn’t have to be a drawing or painting – last year we received many artworks made using different creative techniques. You can even take some creative photos! You have to remember that the artwork can’t be thick or convex – it will be stuck in the album.
  • You can use any pictures you can find on the Internet, however we would like you to be creative – don’t simply copy/paste the image!
  • You can send more than one design, but please make sure that they all are neat and creative.
  • ALL THE ARTWORKS SHOULD BE SCANNED BEFORE SENDING FOR SAFETY REASONS (in case they are lost on their way to Poland!)

Deadline: 20th of April 2014 – make sure that your artwork is ready by this date!

All interested Flows MUST join this facebook group, where you can find the address where to post your artwork:

In this group, we will post the address once the deadline has passed.

If you want to take a look at the album that we gave Flo last year, CLICK HERE 


WHAT THE HELL IV - ogólnopolski oficjalny zlot fanów Florence + The MachineSZCZEGÓŁY

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