Spectrum 2013


  • Termin konkursu: do 7 czerwca 2013
  • Premiera filmu: 5 sierpnia 2013
  • Nagroda: 2-dniowy karnet na Coke Live Music Festival!
  • Zwycięzca: Dominika Hryc (stylizacja Cosmic Love, Spectrum, Dog Days Are Over oraz Shake It Out) – zobacz video klikajac w zakladke po lewej stronie
  • Ilość otrzymanych klipów: 30

  • Competition’s deadline: 7th June 2013
  • Video’s premiere: 5th August 2013
  • Award: a two-day ticket to Coke Live Music Festival
  • Winner: Dominika Hryc (Cosmic Love, Spectrum, Dog Days Are Over and Shake It Out design) – see the video by clicking on the bookmark on the left.
  • Number of videos received: 30

It is an action which we organise with a view to the band’s coming to Poland. The action is a form of a gift for Florence for her 27th birthday (which date falls shortly after the festival) and as a thank-you for the Coke Live Music Festival concert. In the very beginning we want to assure you that the gift will be personally given to the signer !

The task of the participants was to record a video entitled ‘Polish Florences’. What we meant by this was to dress up as the red-haired signer (or as any other band’s member for that matter) being inspired by the most characteristic and well-known outfits worn by Florence (or the Machine), for example dresses from concerts, music videos, galas, photo sessions, Twitter blog, etc.

The song we chose for the film is SPECTRUM, so the contestants have to demonstrate their courage, wit and a modicum of craziness.

‘We want you all to EXPRESS YOURSELVES! Love each other, dance! ‘ We will try to join your videos in an extraordinary way to underline how dedicated and united Polish fans are :)

Translation: Daniel Wdowicz


momo says:

Już się nie mogę doczekać efektów!

P.S. Dominika była też wystylizowana na Dog Days (miała pomalowaną twarz) :)

Ach tak, wiemy, przez przypadek zapomnielismy dopisac! Juz poprawione :) Dziekujemy!

AgnieszkaPC says:

Świetny pomysł na konkurs :)

WHAT THE HELL IV - ogólnopolski oficjalny zlot fanów Florence + The MachineSZCZEGÓŁY

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