Coke Live Music Festival 2013 – Actions


Coke Live Music Festival were three magical days which showed how much dedicated fans we were (and still are!) and how well-organised our fan club was.

After FATM’s concert announcement, we immediately got down to work. There were many ideas, which we wanted to bring to life on 10th August 2013. After discussing the ideas for a long time, we decided to embark on three concert actions.


The most important was a sheet action. To make the long story short: we prepared a “What Florence + the Machine Gave Me” banner , which was to be hung on the railings in front of the stage at the beginning of “What The Water Gave Me” song. Then the fans were asked to show sheets of paper with an answer to the question painted on the banner. You can read more here: CLICK

The next event was the one connected with coronets of flowers and glitter, as fans were asked to show up at the concert dressed in them. The entire Lungs tour design was held in this manner, so we decided it would be the best way to show Florence that we still remembered about the beginning of her career.


Our preparation for Coke Live Music Festival began a day after the headliner had been announced. We sent messages to many websites with a request for sharing information about our actions. The first one to do so was MTV on their Twitter blog, then Popheart portal, with which we cooperate, Universal Music Poland, and portals. Also, our happenings were discussed on and Gazeta Krakowska , on portal and on ESKA Radio.

We were invited one day before the festival to show the banners designed by Kaja Słojewska. After final arrangements with the festival’s manager, the film crew asked us to record a short commercial promoting the festival, which you can watch here:


On the first day of the festival we talked to people and encouraged them to join our future actions. Also, we gave away leaflets promoting our fan club. Significantly, Florence + the Machine fans were already wearing coronets of flowers and glitter on their faces, which made us recognizable and drew attention of the other people present at the festival.

We spent the second day of the festival covering our faces with glitter, waiting in anticipation for Florence and her Machine playing. We were recognized by a film crew, thanks to whom you can watch us on this short clip:



Rumours of our action had spread far and wide and, as a result, a few thousand people dressed in coronets and glitter showed up at the festival. Before the concert, we were invited to the backstage area; you can read the account of the visit here: CLICK

We gave Florence and the Machine a gift, a hand-made, leather album from Florence, Italy, made by one of our site’s administrator. You can read more here: CLICK

The album contained fan art work, letters and pictures. Florence and the Machine were delighted with the gift; you can read more about it at the backstage meeting section.


Our concert actions can well be called successful as Florence and the band were really impressed, their feelings marked by tears of happiness and words of gratitude spoken to us by Florence herself: You guys are so incredible! And my face is covered in glitter! But we’re… we’ve been taking a bit time out, not playing shows, but we wanted to come to Poland, because we haven’t been here since Lungs. And we know, you’ve been such amazing fans, and so hugely supportive of Lungs and Ceremonials. And we literally just wanted to thank you so much Poland! Because last time we came here we were in Warsaw and it was a tiny venue but I remember that gig so well, because never in my life we’ve fell in audience like here, in Poland. You seem to love music so much and we feel that and you’re honestly… we knew, we had to come and play here because we knew that you guys are THE BEST AUDIENCE IN THE WORLD ! Thank you Poland!

Translation: Daniel Wdowicz




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