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As you may know, the greatest gift we gave to Florence + the Machine at the Coke Live Music Festival 2013 was an album with letters and Polish fans’ art work. Just as we promised in the very beginning, we gave Flo the album on Saturday, around 9.40 p.m., just before the concert at the festival! Here’s a short account of the happening and of what she told us at the concert.

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When Florence saw the album, she was very excited, literally jumping to the roof in happiness! When told it had been prepared in the very heart of Tuscany, in Florence, Italy itself, the artist clutched her head in disbelief of how dedicated fans we were. She marvelled at the leather cover with a lily on it and an inscription saying: Made in Florence, and later she started reading it one page after another. After a while she asked Isabella to join her, who was delighted, too! Flo and Isa looked through the whole album and then passed it to the rest of the band. While Flo was signing autographs, the entire Machine crowded in a circle, reading the album. All one could here was the band’s members’ gasps of delight: „Wow it’s so amazing! Look, it’s Isa! So beautiful!” etc.


Florence mentioned the gift twice at the concert:

‘We are so incredibly moved by your pictures and your words and your everything!’

‘We love you and we receive all your messages and amazing fan mail and art work, you’re all so beautiful and talented’

To sum up, our present was well received by the band. Florence and the Machine were genuinely moved and as they looked through the album, they were behaving like little kids, who had just seen Santa Claus – full of joy, jumping around, with broad smiles on their faces.

You are welcome to visit our photo gallery with pictures taken both while making the album and once the album was complete.

Translation: Daniel Wdowicz



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