Ceremonials Anniversary Fan Made Cover

For the first anniversary of “Ceremonials” album’s UK release , our fan club organised a special event. We managed to gather fans from all around the world to create something really extraordinary – something that no other fan club had come up with before. We asked FATM’s supporters to send us pictures of them holding their copies of “Ceremonials” album a year after its release. We received over 400 photos, which we managed to mend into one big new album cover. Also, we made a short clip about the project and thanked the band for their work. The effects of our action were published on our fan page on 31st October 2012 at 2 p.m. Tom Monger, the band’s harpist, commented on our project on his twitter blog.





The cover was also printed as a poster and it was given to Flo by one of our admins on 9th of December 2012 in Aberdeen.


WHAT THE HELL IV - ogólnopolski oficjalny zlot fanów Florence + The MachineSZCZEGÓŁY

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