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‘Podoba mi się idea, że linia serca może połączyć nas z drugą osobą i w ten sposób zaprowadzić do domu. To taka hipnotyczna nić, zbudowana z ciała.’


‘I’ve never had my palm read because I’m always too scared, but I like the idea of a heartline. you can connect to someone’s heartline and that would guide you home. Like a line of the flesh.’

Palm lines, similar to the fingerprints, are closely associated with every human being- it defines his identity and individuality. It is said that our fate, nature, past or future, we have saved just on hands. Florence mentioned many times that even thought she’s never had palm read, this phenomenon is extremely fascinating to her. On Florence’s 28th birthday, we want to make Florence to presage her wishes- and even not from her own hand, but from palms of hundreds (to be exact- 350) fans!

Referring to the song Heartlines, we asked you that you sent us your hand prints. Each reflection was supposed to be some kind of a brick of the community of all those for whom the work of Florence is part of their personality. And so with these unique and exceptional elements we want to create unified whole.



On our instagram account, created specifically for Flo’s birthday, @happybirthdayflo, you can see the palm prints of all persons who took part in action, signed with one word. On this day, the line of the hearts of everyone of you will be your personal birthday wish addressed to Florence. we collect these words to create an unique exhibition of affections.

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One of the best evidence to show the uniqueness of each of us is the imprint of the hand. All 350 images we collect together and create a single, large hand, which symbolises the union of all the fans through the music, through one specific band. The band, with which many people had found themselves, their destiny and above all- other people who share the same passions, become friends or even family. In the background there are words describing what each of you would like to wish Florence to celebrate her birthday.


Like every year, so as well this time we couldn’t miss a short movie which sums up entire action. Once again, we present your palm prints, which together form an amazing effect, which is entirely coincidental image Florence from the last show in Poland during the Orange Warsaw Festival. During the movie the previously mentioned words are appearing again – they are wishes dedicated to Florence and the fulfillment which lies in your hands.


WHAT THE HELL IV - ogólnopolski oficjalny zlot fanów Florence + The MachineSZCZEGÓŁY

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