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Interviews with Isa

Isabella was born on 31st of October 1980, playing keyboard for the band. Apart from that, she is also the co-writer of many of Florence + the Machine’s lyrics, as well as producing and remixing the songs. Isabella has been making music with Florence since 2005, firstly working under the name ‘Florrible and Misrabella’ (details here) and then having concerts as ‘Florence Robot Isa Machine’, where the name Florence + the Machine is derived from.

Florence about Isabella: “Isa has never played on keyboard before, but I told her to learn so now she plays in my band. She is the original Machine (…) Isa makes my life easier and funnier, because she is my glimmer of sun.(…) Guys come and go, but friends are forever with you.”

Isa about Florence: “Friendship like that happens once in a lifetime.”

Twitter: @isamachine

Instagram: @isamachine

Interviews with Isa

Robert Ackroyd

Robert was born on 7th of October 1982. His nickname is Bobby. He is the first ‘permanent’ guitarist, who Florence nearly always has by her side, and also is one of her best friend. Mairead (Florence’s manager) was a mutual friend of Rob’s, and said that she was working with Florence and need a guitarist to create a band. Rob agreed to the proposal, because ‘he once saw Florence singing in the club ‘The Metro’ on Oxford Street in London and she seemed intriguing to him so he decided to meet her’. After a few common-played sessions he became a part of Florence + the Machine.

Rob also plays the guitar for a band called Violet.

Interestingly, before starting with Florence and the Machine, Rob had no tattoos, but now he has 10 including a praying nurse and the initials of Florence and the Machine.

Twitter: @Ackersboy

Instagram: @9billionnamesofgod


Tom ‘Moth’ Monger


Tom was born on 16th of October 1975. His adventure with his harp began at the age of 6. After graduation he studied in Trinity College of Music in London. His decision about becoming serious with making music began at the age of 7 after hearing one of Madness’ albums. From that moment, he began experimenting with the harp in various musical pieces using the technology available to him. Tom played in bands since he was 14. He made a few albums on his own, concentrating on electro music, under the name Lunamoth. In 2005 he recorded a cover of “Army Of Me” by Björk, which has been selected by an artist to be put on a compilation album titled “Army Me – Remixes and Covers”. Tom joined to Florence and the Machine in 2008. At first, he recorded only a few demos to some songs, which ended up on the finished album.

‘Isa saw him passing by her studio carrying something similar to a phone box covered with blanket. When it came out that this was a harp we decided ask him to join the band. Before we had the harp, we used a ‘shit’ keyboard so it was a big difference’ said Florence.

‘In the middle of our European tour, our trailer where all the instruments were stored caught fire and it destroyed everything, including the harp. We had to organise them all over again which was frustrating, time-consuming, but necessary. Fortunately I have a new harp, but I had the old one for 17 years and I had a lot of memories connected with it. It was a little bit like losing a friend.’ said Tom in one of his interviews.

Twitter: @LunamothTom

Instagram: @tom.moth

Christopher Lloyd Hayden


Interview with Chris

Chris was born on 22nd of November 1975. In 2001 he became the drummer in a band called “Kilkus”, which broke up after releasing their first album. Later he played in rock-metal band “The Gourami”. Chris was Rob’s best friend and that is the reason why he joined Florence and the Machine.

Now, apart from playing on percussion for Florence and the Machine, he works with lots of other bands, including Violet (in which Rob Ackroyd is a guitarist). In February 2013 Chris recorded some songs on “Reuben and the Dark’s” debut album and in 2016 he’s been a drummer in Saint Leonard’s Horses band.

Chris is in a relationship with the manager of Florence and the Machine, Mairead Nash.

Florence about Chris: ‘He played on percussion so well that I had to teach him how to play worse. I said ‘No! You have to play like a 12-year-old if you want to be in our band!’’

Twitter: @thekidhayden

Instagram: @thekidhayden

Interview with Chris

Mark Saunders


Amelia Starosta

Mark Saunders was born on 9th of April 1981- he is a well known bassist in London. Before joining Florence and the Machine, he worked as a session musician, playing with lots of bands.

Mark is not a typical bassist for sure, since he has an incredible ability to play the drums. During the concerts he combines bass guitar with elements of percussion, complementing the sounds of Chris (drummer).

He gained this ability at university playing all kinds of musical genres. He graduated from his degree of Jazz at Middlesex University of London.

To start with, Florence didn’t like the bass sound and didn’t want this instrument in the band, however Mark managed to convince Florence and his play fits well with her voice. Mark uses Markbass equipment (column, head and picks) and is a faithful fan of the brand Lakland base guitars – he has a lot of basses from this company. You can also spot his many bass guitars from Fender and Sadowsky.

Mark is a supporter of jazz bass guitars, which gives the band a lot of sound possibilities. Florence + the Machine’s music is based on a solid cooperation of bassist and drummer, so Mark has a lot say when working in the team.

In August 2012 Mark and his wife had a daughter named Joni.

‘The name Markbass popped up a few times in conversation with other bass players I know, and it was quite obvious that it was thought of with particularly high regard,” Mark recalls. “So I arranged to demo some gear, and was instantly pleased with the outcome. There was no messing about? I just plugged in and there it was. I think my favourite thing about Markbass is that my instruments sound like they are supposed to, no colouring, just a true representation of how they are meant to be! That coupled with the fact that I can travel the world with my chosen amp in my hand luggage.’

Twitter: @markbassFATM

Instagram: @markinthegreen


mark saunders interview



John Russell ‘Rusty’ Bradshaw


Rusty was born on 2nd of May 1977. He is a well-known pianist and composer. John played keyboard for many bands and artists. A few are Meatloaf, Florence and the Machine, Razorlight, Pete Doherty & Carl Barat, The Duke Spirit, YYZ, Tyler James, Ben Parker, Lucy Rose, Geoff Emerick, Robert Kirby, Paul Epworth, Craig Silvey and Richard Wilkinson. He joined Florence and the Machine in 2011 for the recording of their second album “Ceremonials”.

Twitter: @rustybradshaw1

Instagram: @rusty_bradshaw

Road Whores


Road Whores to grupa, którą stworzyły chórzystki wraz z sekcją dętą podczas trasy How Big How Blue How Beautiful.

Na jednym z koncertów w Alexandra Palace w Londynie udało nam się przekazać album z zabawnymi przeróbkami zdjęć, na których pojawiła się cała grupa.

Twitter: @roadwhores

Instagram: @roadwhores


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