Garden Full Of Songs – art project @ Orange Warsaw Festival 2018

“Kwiaty i artyści mają podobne dusze.”
Tadeusz Makowski

Co jest do zrobienia?


“Flowers and artists have similar souls.”
Tadeusz Makowski


Dear Flows,
It’s high time to announce an art project we’re running as a part of Florence + The Machine concert at Orange Warsaw Festival 2018 which is going to be a part of the gifts we’re going to pass to the band. Since our concert action is using the floral motif, we’ve decided to keep similar style when it comes to the gifts.

What is it all about?

Your task is to create the cover of a chosen track with the use of flowers as the main component of the image. Maybe your favourite song is Heavy In Your Arms – what sort of flowers come up to your mind when you listen to this song? And Spectrum – how about an explosion of colourful flower petals, nymphs on the meadow dancing to the sounds of Rabbit Heart, Virginia Woolf surrounded by water lilies at What the Water Gave Me, a lonesome withered flower accompanying Long and Lost. You can also look at the topic using the symbolism of colours – how about red flowers as a symbol of songs talking about love or gore? Or maybe an abstract black flower for tracks that tackle sadness and longing.

The flowers don’t necessary have to be in the foreground, but they need to be a significant part of the composition. You can use single flowers, bouquets, flower petals, flowers in the vase, flowers on the meadow, floral patterns on clothing etc. You can use landscapes, people; it can be a simple graphics or abstract art or a realistic scene. Everything depends on your ideas and creativity.

As for the song – there is no limitations – you can choose a track from any of the three albums or pick something that was not included on any of them. When it comes to the form – you can create anything – computer generated graphics, collage, drawing, painting, typography artwork, take a photograph or merge different art techniques – the most important thing is of course to stick to the floral motif.

Let’s go for a stroll through the “Garden Full Of Songs”… – this is how we called this project. We would like the band to feel like wandering through the magical garden full of metaphors, inspirations, sounds and colours. We know this is not an easy task, but we are sure you’ll conjure up some beautiful things and surprise us with your talent and creativity.

Terms and conditions:

* Square dimensions – 15cm x 15cm – artworks that are too small or too big will not be accepted
* You must iclude the title of the chosen track on your artwork
* Computer graphics – minimum 1000 px x 1000 px. Any computer generated artworks should be printed in 15cm x 15cm format and on a good quality (preferably photographic) paper.
* You can use photographs/artworks available on the internet or cut from the magazines, however they have to be composed in an original way – be creative!
* You can send us more than one project – although remember – quality over quantity!
* PLEASE SCAN/COPY your artwork before sending it to us (in case it gets lost on its way)
* Deadline: 15TH MAY 2018
* If you would like to take part in the project, please email us at with subject Garden Full Of Songs and we’ll reply with the UK address for posting your artwork.


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