The evolution of Florence The Machine logo

Początki zespołu

 2007 – era Lungs

2011 – era Ceremonials

2015 – era How Big How Blue How Beautiful

2018 – era High As Hope

The beginnings

In 2006 Florence herself designed the first logo for ‘Florence Robot is a machine’ at Camberwell College Of Arts. It featured a bleeding heart pierced with a cocktail umbrella which was later placed in a cocktail glass. Later alternative versions also included ‘Florence and the machine’ text. However, this version of the logo never became official.

First Florence Robot is a machine logo, 2006

2007 – Lungs Era

One of the very first Florence + The Machine logo designs created by George Mellor for band’s myspace website, 2007. (illustrator’s website). Besides the original ‘Florence + The Machine’ text, it consisted of symbols such as a pomegranate, a swallow, a human heart and a moon, all connected with vein-like roots with lungs which were placed below.

The logo has slightly changed over years and was decorated with elements such as bird cages, birds and flowers. It was feature during the tour on posters and band’s merchandise, and while on stage it was placed on the drum as well as sometimes used as a backdrop.


George Mellor, 2007

2011 – Ceremonials Era

During Ceremonials era the logo got simplified – the font became thinner.

2015 – How Big How Blue How Beautiful Era

With the HBHBHB Era, the band’s logo has gone complete transformation. The font has changed and the design became more basic. Moreover, along with the logo, there appeared a new symbol – two triangles – the alchemical symbols of air (a triangle crossed out with a single horizontal line) and water (an upside down triangle). The symbols come from Greek ancient philosophy and represent two of four elements – water, air, fire and earth. You can read more about the symbolism here: CLICK

What is more, it’s been the first time band’s name was divided and ‘Florence’ was featured on the front cover, while ‘+ the Machine’ has been moved to the back.

How Big How Blue How Beautiful, 2015


2018 – High As Hope era

In 2018 the logo changed again – during High As Hope promotion, an original FATM monogram has been in use. 





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