Ceremonials Inspiration


Flo told A Journal Of Musical Things the album title was inspired by some video art. She explained:

Years and years ago, I saw an art exhibition and there was this video art piece called ‘Ceremonial.’ It was done in the 70s and was done in Super-8 and it’s kind of Coquette-sy – there’s that documentary called Coquette about this 70s theatre troup that lives in San Francisco and I came kind of obsessed with it.

This video piece is all about these processions and it’s kind of colour based and everyone’s wearing masks and there’s all kinds of different colours…coloured balloons…and strange ceremonies going on. That word – ceremonies – got stuck in my head. And then went it came to this album which was influenced by hymns and poems and sounds of church bells. There’s kind a lot of ceremonial influences and aspects to it, so it seemed to fit.

Ceremonials meaning – 5:42


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