Wonder Foundation – 2018

Fundacja Serce Dla Zwierząt – 2017

Miejskie Schronisko dla Bezdomnych Zwierząt w Opolu – 2017

Naszyjniki Eye Love (Stowarzyszenie Podaj Rękę) – 2016

Akcja charytatywna Oba oczka widzą Wianki dla Bianki (Fundacja Rycerze i Księżniczki) – 2016

Clothes Off – Koncert w Łodzi (Fundacja Happy Kids) – 2015

What The Hell (Fundacja Radia Zet) – 2015

As you probably know, we all love listening to Florence + The Machine music, going to concerts and creating fun projects, but we’re also extremely proud that we are the community of people who love helping each other!

Wonder Foundation – 2018


Many of you might already be familiar with Raise It Up! – a charity project ran by us to celebrate Florence and the Machine’s performance in Warsaw earlier this year. GIRL POWER was at the heart of the project, which included a concert flashmob, a poster competition and a charity fundraising.

For the poster competition, fans received a brief asking them to produce an artwork that would promote Florence and the Machine’s gig in Warsaw by exploring ideas of girl power and female solidarity. We received a number of brilliant entries, many of them inspired by some wonderful female artists!

The winning entries of the competition were printed and hang backstage at Orange Warsaw Festival for the band to see. Florence was so happy to see all the love and passion and creativity pouring out of them! After the concert, we’ve organised a worldwide charity auction – we were lucky enough to have got all the items signed by Florence herself, which made them even more special! In addition to the posters, there was also a Sky Full Of Song/New York Poem for Polly RSD limited edition vinyl with Florence’s signature as well! The auctions turned out to be extremely successful with people bidding till the very end – we’ve got winners from different countries, including US, Germany, UK, Mexico and Poland!

We are delighted to announce that we’ve managed to raise the enormous sum of 799 GBP from T-shirt sales (190 GBP) and the charity auctions (609 GBP). 

All profit has been donated to Wonder Foundation, a UK based charity that supports vulnerable girls and women through providing access to education.

Charity project page: CLICK

A Heart For Animals Foundation – 2017

During 2017 edition of What The Hell, we’ve focused on animals! We’ve asked participants of the meet-up to bring some food and vitamins for cat and dogs and in collaboration with A Heart For Animals Foundation we made doggos and kittens super happy! Along with this action, our beautiful community surprised us with their own charity action supporting a dog and cat shelter in Opole – they raised 312 PLN which was also spent on buying food for the lovely animals!

Eye Love Necklaces (Stowarzyszenie Podaj Reke) – 2016

In the end of 2016, in collaboration with Jacek Wysokinski, a Polish jewellery maker, we decided to release an exclusive line of necklaces inspired by the original ‘Third Eye’ piece that had been given to Florence at Open’er Festival last June. The idea behind the initiative was to raise money to support those in need. The entire sales revenue, which was 5404,65 PLN (= 1 247.90 EUR = 1 064.64 GBP) has been donated to Podaj Reke Foundation that takes care of disabled children.

Oba Oczka Widza Wianki Dla Bianki (Rycerze i Ksiezniczki Foundation) – 2016

In 2016, we joined ‘Oba Oczka Widza Wianki Dla Bianki’ charity event (which name translates to #FlowerCrownsForBianka) and we’ve run a photo and lottery competition, where the contestants, by buying a lottery ticket and posting a picture of them wearing a flower crown, were in chance of winning autographs of Florence + The Machine members. We collected money to help little Bianka who was diagnosed with retinoblastoma which is malignant cancer of the eye. With fan club’s members’ support we managed to donate more than £400 to Rycerze i Ksiezniczki Foundation. You can read more about Bianka and how to support the Foundation on this website:

Clothes Off (Lodz concert) – 2015

 Our next big initiative was Clothes Off charity action which we run during Florence + The Machine concert in Lodz in December 2015.We asked the fans to bring an extra piece of clothing with them and we made a huge clothes-off party at the end of Dog Days. The clothes were then collected and given to a local charity Happy Kids Foundation. The clothes were given to children in need and were a part of their Christmas gifts!

What The Hell (Radio Zet Foundation) – 2015

During What The Hell 2015 (annual Polish fans’ meetup), we raised money for Radio Zet Foundation and helped children in need.


WHAT THE HELL IV - ogólnopolski oficjalny zlot fanów Florence + The MachineSZCZEGÓŁY

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