Tom Waits


In one of the interviews for YouTube, Get More Into Music, 2011 Flo mentioned Tom Waits. ‘[Tom Waits is] One of my favourite artist of all time. And if you listen to his early recordings, he’s got quite like a pure voice, and over the years his life and his history has all slipped in.’

Moreover, in BBC Rhyme and Reason interview from 2011, Florence said (8:23):

‘I love Tom Waits so much. One of his songs, ‘Make It Rain’. I’m crushed against the gates of heaven, they’re sharpening their knives, I’m burning up, you’ve got to make it rain! And his voice, you know, he carries with it so much weight and intensity. And ‘Hoist that Rag’ is my favourite. Hoist that rag…’


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