Florence + The Machine w Łodzi – poster competition

The announcement of this project should not surprise anyone – we may consider it as a tradition and to be honest can’t imagine another Florence + the Machine concert in Poland without it. Yes, of course, we’re talking about posters!

Your work has been delighting a band invariably since 2013 – the first show after a long break of the FATM’s gigs in our country. Posters made by members of our fan club made a sensation among the whole Florence + the Machine team and from that time they are a regular part of our concert actions! Each time we manage to put them in the wardrobe of the band (at Orange Warsaw Festival 2018, posters made up even a small exhibition!) and they arouse huge emotions in the Machine! In the end it turned out that most of your artworks were taken home by the musicians and last year, posters signed by Flo artworks put up for a charity auction and the proceedings went to Wonder Foundation. Therefore, posters cannot be missed this year!

What do you need to do?

As the visit of Florence + the Machine in Łódź is associated with the promotion of their latest album HIGH AS HOPE, this record is to become an inspiration to create your work. We ask you, therefore, to interpret the whole HIGH AS HOPE, individual songs, or ideas associated with this album and transfer them into your poster idea! You have a field day with this, so let’s go!

From among the submitted works will be distinguished those that have a chance to appear at Florence + The Machine backstage. In addition, an additional prize is provided for the author of one selected work.

Technical requirements:

1. The poster can be handmade or computer graphic

2. B1 format in a vertical arrangement (707mm x 1000mm)

3. The minimum format is 2050 x 2900 pixels (150 dpi resolution)

4. The electronic version should be prepared in such a way that a high quality poster can be printed (the preferred file format is pdf, eps or ai, or high resolution jpg / png) Please keep the source files (e.g. if someone prepares poster in Photoshop, please save the file in .psd format as a backup)

5. The poster must contain the Florence + the Machine Fan Club logo PL (click on the graphic below to download the logo in high resolution). The logo can be used in various colour combinations.

6. The poster may contain information about the date and place of the concert (March 15th, ŁÓDŹ, POLAND)

7. Deadline for submitting artwork: February 25th, 2019

8. Each participant can submit more than one poster

Please send your artworks to: fatmfanclubpl@gmail.com. In the title please enter: LODZ 2019 – Competition poster, and your name and surname.


WHAT THE HELL IV - ogólnopolski oficjalny zlot fanów Florence + The MachineSZCZEGÓŁY

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