Inside THE MACHINE – prezenty dla zespołu, Łódź 2019

It’s time to announce artistic project which will be a part of gifts we are preparing for Florence + The Machine on the occasion of their next concert in Poland this March. Our favourite dream team of 8 – Isa, Rob, Tom, Loren, Cyrus, Hazel, Dionne and Aku, the perfect mechanism behind Florence + The Machine powerhouse. The band members, besides Florence herself, hold a special place in our hearts and frankly we cannot imagine FATM music without the creative input of those talented people! What is our plan?

We are making a collection of artworks titled “Inside THE MACHINE”. Your task is to create the image which closely relates to “+ The Machine”, Machine members all together or separately. You can present the whole band, your favourite part of it or totally abstract approach to the topic. You can also create something funny or in a meme-like style! How is Florence describing her Ultimate Machine?

“My ultimate machine would probably be a half-organic heart held in a half-ribcage and then half would be machinery. There would probably be bird’s feathers and twigs in one half and the other half would just have rusty metal. It would generally have to be half real body parts and half machinery. It would probably make wheezy, creaky noises and drip blood. It wouldn’t be a useful or attractive machine, but it would be interesting.”

Your imagination is the only limit here, so go ahead and get creative!


Technical requirements:

  • The artwork can be handmade or computer graphic
  • Dimensions – 18cm x 13cm (vertical or horizontal) – artworks that are too small or too big will not be accepted
  • Computer graphics – minimum 1063px x 768px. Any computer generated artworks should be printed in 18cm x 13cm format and on a good quality (preferably photographic) paper.
  • You can use photographs/artworks available on the internet or cut from the magazines, however they have to be composed in an original way – be creative!
  • You can send us more than one project – although remember – quality over quantity! PLEASE SCAN/COPY your artwork before sending it to us (in case it gets lost on its way)
  • Deadline: 20TH FEBRUARY 2019
  • If you would like to take part in the project, please email us at with subject Inside THE MACHINE and we’ll reply with the UK address for posting your artwork.


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